What is digital marketing and why companies need it

What is digital marketing and why companies need it

Constantly evolving technologies changing the way people live, interact, purchase or communicate at a phenomenal pace. Even ordinary people are embracing technology more frequently than before in their everyday lives. According to We Are Social Digital Report 2018, now 4 billion people on the earth use internet; an increase of 248 million in a year. Its mean more than half people (53%) in the world have an internet connection.

Therefore, it is very important to understand that how you can cope with or harness the growing power of digital media to stay ahead in the game. In this article, I will elaborate about why it is necessary to keep with the pace of digital change; especially to stay ahead in the game.

In today ever-changing environment businesses and individuals are non-stop victim of change forces. As a result companies need to change the ways of doing business and individuals also need to embrace the change by using right digital tools. As change is described something different from initial position and we often present slow motion response towards change.  However this is not reasonably true for digital change because digital change is all about people. It’s all about transformation.

But before we dive further, it is important to know about digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Simply Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services over the internet.

Why understanding Digital Marketing necessary for success?

The days are gone when people were happy to stay in front of passive media. They were force to read and watch without their own choice.  However, the advent of web changed those rules as now people can choose the content they want. Now people are well informed, well connected and better communicative than ever before due to abundance of information over the internet.

The rise in consumer awareness is posing challenge for organizations and marketers.  As a result marketers need to be digital and required shifting from traditional to digital marketing. They need to be innovative. They need to design best digital marketing strategy.

Why companies need it?

Simply you need digital marketing strategy to grab more business opportunities and wining more customers.

According to Hootsuite social media advertising budget doubled worldwide from $ 16 billion in 2014 to $ 31 billion in 2016.

Benefits & reasons for Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Low cost as compare to traditional marketing.
  • More conversion
  • More revenue
  • Obtaining real time data
  • Measurable & trackable results
  • Personalization
  • More reach
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