Top 5 Tips to Write a Winning MBA Resume

Top 5 Tips to Write a Winning MBA Resume

Writing a winning MBA resume is very essential for making business school application and also for job application. Both employers and admission officers spend about 20 to 30 seconds at one resume.

In fact, Resume or CV plays a pivotal role to make you a shining star from the pool of applicants. Therefore, a resume should be a quick and informative snapshot of your skills, education and experiences.

Here is the 5 top tips to writing a winning resume:

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1-Focus on results and Achievements:

There is no need to mention job responsibilities rather you need to focus on achievements and results. What you done must be an achievement and have a clear results. For example, in your last job you increased sale by 12%.

2-Mention accomplishments:

Your accomplishments should be mentioned clearly and at top of the resume. For example, your accomplishments in your current position. You can mentioned by adding bullet points.

3-Resume’s extras:

Always add resume extras like honors, award and volunteer experience to show that you are good at all level both personal as well as professional.

4-Resume Layout:

Always try to stick to one page MBA resume and for this cut off all irrelevant information or achievements. So to make resume short and specific never include self praise words such as self starter, goal oriented etc.

5-Proofread and edit:

Finally, don’t forget to proofread to avoid grammar, spelling and others small mistakes. For this you can get help from friends or ask for expert such as team is offering this service free of cost.

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