Required Skills to Turn Sales Managers into Leaders

Required Skills to Turn Sales Managers into Leaders

Before this we discuss about required skills to turn sales managers into leaders; i suppose it is an essential to describe simple definition of Manager, Sales Manager and Leader for better understanding of the topic.

Manager: Manager is a person who is responsible for controlling, administering, setting goals, organizing, motivating, communicating, measuring and have the ability to develop people.

Sales Manager: Sales Manager also perform same task as a manager do; however more specifically he/she is responsible for leading, coaching, organizing, motivating and measuring performance a team of salespeople.

Leader: Whereas a leader is a person who leads, inspires & engage people for future vision; especially for collective goals.

Now we come to the main topic: skills required for sales mangers to be an effective or true leader. For example, a person can be a better sales person, best in selling, he should be the best manger too, is it right?

In my opinion: “NO”.

Because performance mean not he/she have the required abilities of a leader such as leading people, inspiring people, motivating people and developing people.Therefore, it is very true for sales manger to have these skills to become a leader:

1- Setting Goals: setting goals, especially collective goals and have a vision for goals is the main required skill to become an effective leader because without clear goals or objective what you do is in vain.

2- Strategy development: after setting goals, it is critical how to achieve goals. Therefore to be an expert in strategy development is very necessary for sales mangers to become a leader.

3- Setting Clear Expectations: often sales manger fail to set clear expectations. For example, this quarter we are going to acquire 20% growth but fail to set clear expectations i.e. is it possible? or how it would be possible without understanding ground realities.

Other important skills are:

4- Understanding business value drivers & Drainers:if a manger is not able to understand business value drivers and drainers, hew/she is not a leader.

5- Measuring ROI: measuring ROI for business is a required Skills to Turn Sales Managers into Leaders because if they have ability to measure ROI, success is away.

So, if you are a sales manager and wish to become leader, above mentioned skills are required for you. if you don’t have, you are just a performer and not a leader.

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