New Apple Watch available for buyer hand

Today, buyers were lined up to purchase new apple watch, introducing in limited number of countries like UK and France and available only in a few selected and apple stores. The watch created lot of buzz from shoppers and media around the world, in spite of watch need an apple iPhone.


  • Beautiful design built in with hundred of apps like mail, messages, maps and camera remote
  • Calling facility via iPhone along with built-in speakers and microphone for instant messaging
  • Mail on your wrist and fit to monitor your daily activity and workout
  • Your wallet


  • Less battery timing, more charging time
  • Required iphone 5 or later and iOS 8.2 to work
  • More Luxury than gadget


If you love Apple and an I Phone user, this watch works for you with a pretty design, superb quality built in with hundred of apps.

So, pick your favorite apple watch available in different models like watch sport available in 10 models price range from $ 349 to $399.

Watch stainless available in 20 different models price from $549 to $599.

Watch edition available in 8 models price from $10000.00 to $12000.00 having 42mm 18-karat Rose Gold case with white and black sport band.

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