Job or Own Business: should you quit your job

Job or Own Business: should you quit your job

Job or own Business: should you quit your job to start your dream startup?

There are different opinions regarding job or starting your own business. Some prefers job and others business. Now question arise; job or own business which is better for survival and growth.

I will discuss here five most critical advantages and disadvantages of having a job or own business.I will also try to compare both job or own business for better decision making. However ultimate choice is yours.

The Top 5 advantages of Job


Security is the foremost advantage of having a job regardless of that you can be laid off anytime in present financial upheavals. However, if you lose your job, you will find new one sooner or later. But this is not the case with business, because there is less chances of establishing or start a new business if previous attempt is unsuccessful.

2-Regular Income

Job also provides security money wise. You have a steady and regular income.You can make your budget according to your salary.

3-Less working Hours

If you a have job, you have to work less hours like 40 to 48 hours per week. In this way, you have almost enough time to relax or involving in other outdoor or indoor activities. Even you can find another job to increase your income or meet your expenses.

4-Extra Benefits

Job is worthy to do if you like sick pay, pension, paid holidays as well as other company benefits such as health insurances and retirement plans.


Being retired is the biggest advantage of work for others. Job is the better option for those who love to be retired, no work only leisure time.

The Top 5 disadvantages of job


The first and foremost disadvantage of having job is the repetition of same work every day, even almost the most glorious period of your life. There are fewer options for change in daily work routine except change in work process which is only benefited for companies instead of employees.

2-One source of income

The second critical factor of having job that you have one source of income. You have to rely on this to meet your all expenses. You have to live within budgetary constraints throughout your life except you have a high profile job.

3-Fewer changes

Job person never think out of the box. He or She do not embrace change, nor open minded. He doesn’t challenge the status quo and spend his/her life making no difference.

4-Less freedom

Job means no freedom if you work for others. You always follow certain rules and procedures almost with no option of employ your approach and thoughts.


Retirement as per my opinion is also the main disadvantage of job. Because most retired people spend their time only watching TV, internet and spending useless time. In this way, they become mentally sick because no more cause or work for life.

The Top 5 advantages of doing Business


Starting your own business is rewarding as compare to work for others as your time and efforts reap reward in terms of growth, financial stability and worldly success.


As the owner of a business you are the boss (no yes boss. you are not answerable to anyone for your work. so it gives you freedom to control your own destiny.

3-More earning

Owning your business has no cap on your earning potential. By starting a business you can be rich or financially stable and even can be in a better position to fulfill your personal, social and financial needs.


flexibility is very important when we talk about advantages of doing your own business. You have more freedom especially if and when business is established.

5-Making a difference

By starting your own business you can positively contribute for the betterment of society by offering something unique and innovative.

The Top 5 disadvantages of doing Business


The uncertainty of future outcomes is the critical factor. Because starting a new business or growing old business is the hectic process involving uncertainty, financial and mental risks.

2-Long Working Time

Your own business required a long working time as compare to job;especially to get your business up and running. Probably you have to work all the time to sustain and maintain your business. Its means no work life balance, personal sacrifice, especially if business is new.

3-More Problems or headaches

Doing or maintaining business is not a simple process. You have to handle different problems. For example, you have to look for funds, opportunities, employees, equipment and competitor strategy to survive in the present competitive scenario.

4-No Retirement

You will never ever be retired, if you have your own business. No satisfaction of retirement, watching TV and spending time on Internet.

5-Irregular Income

Irregular income is also a big disadvantage of starting your own business, especially in early period. Even sometimes you are unable to cover your cost which causes personal and social life.


Now, it is up to you: you choose job or own business. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You love to be an entrepreneur, change agent, innovative or wish to pass same routine of life. Whatever is your decision, you should always do every possible effort to achieve your dreams.

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