Jazz to Enable VoLTE Across Network Soon

Jazz to Enable VoLTE Across Network Soon

According to press statement, Jazz  a Pakistan’s leading telecom service provider has successfully test VoLTE ( Voice over LTE)

The purpose of this to spread digital agenda and innovation; especially to increase customer’s base with superior call quality.

“Providing impeccable voice and data experience to Jazz customers is our continuous endeavor and we are humbled to be the first in Pakistan to conduct successful Voice over LTE trial using the latest technology. Once we move towards the commercial launch, VoLTE shall enable our valuable customers to enjoy premium voice services with more than 80% reduction in call setup time, and on top of it they can cherish the true essence of data session during call,” said Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer – Jazz.

Voice over LTE carries voice calls over a 4G LTE “data network”. VoLTE stands for voice over LTE. It is a high standard wireless communication for mobiles with more data capacity than present 3G.

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