Is Trump in a position to bully China on trade?

Trump, new US president making news in media due to his devastated policies ranging from Muslim ban to destabilize the global economic order. He is in news about his rhetoric without understanding the consequences of his action. The critics have different views about Trump policies, some consider it a great rational to make America great and other consider it a bad strategy as one day America will come to regret it.

After Trump Presidency both countries those have good relation from centuries showing different prospects.  In world World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Xi defended globalization while Trump put emphasis on America first on Jan. 20 in a fiery inauguration speech. He also announces to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This move proved an opportunity for china to invite Asian countries to join a Chinese-led regional economic partnership.

However, what Trump say or passing what type of executive order good or bad. We will discuss here the only aspect; is US in a position or will be in a Position to bully china in future on trade. In my opinion not because china is world major economic power and major investor in US market with over 100 billion investment. China can also use this investment as a financial weapon, including trillion of dollars of US debt. Thus, disruptive relation with china will only lead massive price increase in United States on which many American Relays if relation goes worsen in near future.

The Chinese Maoist thinker Zhang Hongliang said in a recent blog post that Mr. Trump’s commitment to put America first reminds him of Mao’s famed 1949 speech that the “Chinese people have stood up.” In Mr. Trump’s vow to battle Washington’s elite, Mr. Zhang sees Mao’s promise to obliterate capitalist overlords and establish a “people’s government.” And in Mr. Trump’s maddening unpredictability there are echoes of one of Mao’s famous quotes: “There is chaos under heaven, the situation is excellent.”

Let’s wait & watch what will be the consequences of this war between two big nations, major world power and how they will shape their future strategy to be a greatest one. However, in the age of globalization you can’t survive alone and especially when low income countries are showing better result economy growth wise and also have better relation with China such as Asian Countries except India. So if Trump persists, it might be a great chance for china to emerge as a new world power both economy and military wise as China is working to increase its military power capabilities now-a-days.

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