Is one Year MBA on the Rise?

one year MBA

According to latest findings by by CarringtonCrisp and the European Foundation for Management Development; now one year MBA is more popular choice than the old two-year option.  Both consultancy firms pooled 1,463 students from 75 countries.

The study result shows that 27% students prefer one-year MBA program while 25% were in favor of two-year degree.

There was also a regional difference as students from US, India, Indonesia and Germany preferred to study two-years degree while students from Canada, Nigeria and UK wanted to study one year MBA Program.

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“Globally, there are a number of reasons [why] the one-year, full-time MBA is growing in popularity said Andrew Crisp, author of the study.”

“Careers and employment are changing rapidly, so students want to acquire new skills and achieve a return on their investment quickly.”

The study result reveals that two year MBA is losing its charm as a popular study options among business students around the world. This further proved by Recent data from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) that only one-third application increase in two year MBA degree. According to expert, cost might be the cost as students see cheaper courses more attractive such as a two year MBA at a top school can cost upwards of $200,000.

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