Is LinkedIn a new Facebook adds voice Messaging Feature

Is LinkedIn a new Facebook adds voice Messaging Feature

LinkedIn is a most famous networking platform for professionals around the world adding voice messaging feature which will roll out to all users over the coming weeks. This feature is currently rolling out on iOS & Android applications with exception to available on web for professionals in the next few weeks.

Zack Hendlin revealed this in a blog post that Have you ever typed out a long message and thought about how much faster and easier it would be to say it out loud? To give you more ways to have conversations, we’ve now added the ability to record and send voice messages up to one minute in LinkedIn Messaging.

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According to LinkedIn why they added voice messaging feature? The reasons are as followings:

Easily message on-the-go: when you are on the move and don’t have time for typing or editing, this feature can be helpful.

Get to it when you can: LinkedIn revealed that it is better sometime than calling as in this way users can listen as well as respond when he/she have free time.

Better express yourself: Speaking also gives you more power to express yourself; especially to build more personal connections. It gives you power to communicate effectively and to understand your message effectively which often can’t communicate while written communication.

How to Record Voice?

Using this feature is very easy just follow these steps:

  • Simply tap and hold the microphone
  • Record your message
  • And release the icon to send.
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