How to Write a Cover Letter: Tips & Examples

Cover Letter

The covering letter is the key document while submitting your job application. Because CV alone is not sufficient to get employers attention as many job seekers only send CV and they do not bother to send cover letter with job application. According to my opinion, this is not a wise strategy, especially for making solid impression and getting call for interview; you always need a stunning cover letter to stand out from the pool of talent.

Here are some basic tips with examples regarding appropriate structure of a cover letter so that you may get employer due attention:


The cover letter should be start with addressing someone who is handling job application. It is often written in job advert. If not, try to find on company website or call the company to inquire because it will present a positive image of you. However, if you are not able to find the name, Dear Sir/Madam will be sufficient.

Remember, a good cover letter should not be more than one page. Four or five specific and relevant paragraphs are enough to showcase your potential.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph should be specific to job and where you found the advert.


I am writing to apply for the position of “Business Development Manager” as advertised on

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph should be started with your qualification, skills and experience relevant with job description. Always try to align your skills with job’s requirements. Concisely describe; why you are the best candidate for the job? Before writing this section, do some research about employer because in this way you would be able to structure your cover letter more precisely.


I have completed my MBA from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and Virtual University of Pakistan with diverse experience of teaching, coaching, business development and launching new services.

Third Paragraph

Third paragraph often contains what you can do for company and why you are better than others for this role? In this section, always be specific and write only relevant information match with job requirements and the information which can get employer attention.


My previous experience, knowledge and expertise will help to increase your sale as increased XYZ percent in previous company.

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Fourth Paragraph

In This paragraph youmust emphasis that why you are the best and have necessary skills, knowledge and meet the employer requirements.


I believe my experience of increasing sale or product development and especially commitment & strive for excellence make me well qualified to meet the needs of your company demands.

Fifth Paragraph

In the fifth and last paragraph, end with positive note and request an employer to meet for further discussion.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


At the end close your cover letter with your sincerely and name as well as sign it.

Yours sincerely,


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