How to Make Money from Home in Pakistan

How to Make Money from Home in Pakistan

Ways to Make Money from Home in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the world 6th largest country by population size and growth rate along with highest birth rate of 23.19/1000. It is the country of more than 199 million people where young and dynamic population accounts for almost 43 % of total population. This young population can play a vital role to enhance country economy. However, the situation for youth is not good as compare to other countries due to numerous factors such as political situation, law and order, lack of financial resources, worse economic conditions and unavailability of jobs as per youth numbers.

This situation becomes even worse for youth when they only try for traditional jobs which are limited in numbers and cannot accommodate the whole educated youth. So, in this present scenario, there is a dire need of time to find others means of income even if you have a job; full time or part time. This young talent should not be the victim of old mentality while there are lots of opportunities for earning handsome amount of money if you are ambitious, innovative and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

By considering above mention scenario, we will discuss here some ways to make money from home in Pakistan so that young people of the country can utilize their skills and talent for the betterment of the society as well as their own.

Start your own Website or Blog

There are lots of stories of people those who made their websites and blogs and now they are billionaires such as Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Larry Page of Google and Mashable founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005 was just a blog. You can also become next Larry Page, if you have innovative idea and strive for excellence.

Making a website is not difficult in this age of internet. You can hire a web developer or there are lots of sites offering free website building such as wix and wordpress. In this way, you can save time and money and no coding skills required. On the other hand, if you have less financial resources you can setup free blog on wordpress; no domain or hosting required. Later you can turn it into a website.

Writing blog post on interesting topic such as education, entertainment, health and beauty can generate reasonable money initially through ads, affiliate links and other revenue channels. However, success will depend if you cover popular subjects of public interests.

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So, explore your talent and area of interest whether you want to make online store or wish to sell any product or service such as online educational advice.


Freelancing is also becoming a popular choice for educated people those who are programmer, designer, writer, college students or even underemployed or unemployed professional. Freelancing gives you more control over your work and career with choice of working at your own pace anywhere in the world. It also enhances your professionalism & experience, skills, especially when you deal with different projects.

So due to increasing demand of freelancers around the world there are numerous online platforms in the marketplace of internet such as Upwork (previously known as oDesk). It offers many opportunities to work from home for freelancers with short and long term projects along with option of hourly or project based salary.

Guru also offers many opportunities to lancers with the facility of work room where you can manage your past and present work. On the other hand, freelancers not only offer many projects but also allow you to compete with other freelancers.

In this regard, it is an important, especially to making an impact on the freelance marketplace and for better opportunities you should improve your skills and knowledge of your field. You also need more marketing skills and better relations with your clients due to tough competition in international market and to increasing your earning potential.

It is the beauty of doing this job, if you are good at you job, there is no limit for growth and earnings.

You Tube Earning

You can also make money by uploading videos on YouTube without any investment. By uploading videos, you can show your video collection to the world. Further, you have an opportunity to make your online presence while earning money. And for this, there is no need to spend money on buying domain name or hosting, just create an account and start to upload your videos.

Now-a-days, everyone has a Smartphone and try to capture every moment of life ranging from cooking to making videos of birthday parties and other important events. So it will be a good opportunity for you to earn some good money as YouTube is widely watched all over the world with having huge earning potential.

However, the success of uploading videos will depend whether your videos are viewed by huge audience. If your videos get more views mean more money, ads will be automatically viewed as no need to click them like websites. So you can earn money by uploading entertaining, informative or educational videos etc. Please before uploading videos read carefully their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.

Online Tutoring

Online tuition for different subjects ranging from lower classes to degree level is also gaining popularity in Pakistan such as offering Quran, Mathematics and other technical subjects tutoring. It is the best option to earn some extra cash with flexibility of time and space. However, if you want to grab more clients locally and internationally you must be expert in your chosen field.
For this, many websites are facilitating both tutor and learner. You can also place ad on your local newspaper or on classified sites like OLX.

To be concluded, in the age of technological revolution with huge earning potential and lot of opportunities, it is not impossible to earn some extra money or even permanent livelihood by working online at home with comfort of time and space. You only need to change your traditional thinking, more passion, innovative idea, rational thinking and strive for excellence.

The doors are open for you to assert yourself or even to be a next millionaire entrepreneur.

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