How to Increase Blog traffic with Focused Content Strategy

How to Increase Blog traffic with Focused Content Strategy

In this learning session, we will discuss about how to increase blog traffic with Focused Content Strategy and why is content important to blogging success. But before this you should understand:

What is content?

In simple words actually content is what you try to deliver to your visitors or customers in terms of blogs, emails, video and much more.In other words, you can say without content there is nothing to deliver.

For example: you type a word  Mbamess in google search query and as a result what google shows is content.

Therefore, the purposeful content is very necessary to attract customers or visitors to your site. In addition, content is not only attract visitors but also it convert them. For example: on your site if visitors click on call to action button for ordering something or exchange email to receive information. This all is the result of content which actually delights customers. Infect content is the fuel that keeps your site running in a successful way. It is content that makes visitors or customers to share, read or comeback to your blog.

In fact, today’s in the age of internet. The main problem is how to get the attention of people and How to increase blog traffic. There should be  any reason for people to visit your website. Therefore you fight for attention. And the simple answer is a good content.

How to create a Great Content?

I hope you are now able to understand that why content with purpose is important for success. So now I will discuss:

  • How to create a great Content and/or
  • What makes a content Purposeful or great?

In fact, content is not a piece of information but a future investment. Therefore, creating a purposeful and great content is necessary. Let’s talk how to create a purposeful content. Simply, content process has some steps to follow.

Steps to Create a Great Content Strategy:

These steps are:

  1. First you need to understand the purpose of the content. What is the purpose of the content i.e. your goals. For example, purpose of the is to help every students to get job or help them to start own business. So, our content strategy will revolve around it. We’ll write or post in terms of video, blog post, picture or any other piece of information will be about about career as well as business ideas etc.
  2. The second important step is your customers goals. What they want? Whether your content is helping to achieve their goals. As I discussed above the purpose of our site is to help students to land a dream job or start an online or offline business. Therefore, while developing content strategy we will consider all necessary content strategy formulation process to follow that may develop visitors attention.

“In simple words purpose of the content is not to achieve your goals but help to achieve your visitors goals.”

Therefore, every information must be helpful to achieve your visitors or customers goals.

  1. Next comes the topic: which topic is best and fulfill your visitors needs. In fact, figuring out topic is most important and hardest part while creating a great content. So while creating content or selecting topic, you should kept in mind as I mentioned above “ the purpose of the content is to achieve your visitors goals. You must understand which content is helpful for them. For example on mbamess writing about interview tips will be helpful for visitors as our content goal is to prepare students to better cope with interview questions.

We can more simplify this:

1- To understand who are our visitors or readers (target customers)?

2- What are their needs & wants?

3- How can we help them to fulfill their needs or how can we solve their problems?

After following above mentioned points and steps, you will be able to create purposeful contents that really serve a purpose.

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