How to avoid Hunger Pain in Pakistan

How to avoid Hunger Pain in Pakistan

Once Jacques Diouf said that “Hunger is not an issue of charity, it is an issue of justice”. Hunger is not a problem in Pakistan but a big problem all over the world and is going worsen day by day. Poor are becoming poorer and richer more rich. According to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, more than 795 million people out of 7.3 billion in the world suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2014-16. They further stated that “almost all the hungry people live in developing countries.

In Pakistan the situation is also not glorious regardless of the government slogans that country is on the verge of progress, more jobs, more social security and food for everyone. According to 2016 Global Hunger Index, “Pakistan 22 percent population is undernourished and survey placed Pakistan 107 in a ranking of 118 developing countries; even worse than our South Asian neighbors; India 97 and China 29 with low hunger index but better than Afghanistan 111.

Now the serious question arise, how Pakistan can cope with the pain of hunger. Either we need political will, new farming mechanism or we need collective support from all spheres of life to increase awareness about hunger pain. Too many people are hungry now or the victim of undernourishment; so what we should do to reduce hunger level to ensure that no one ever goes hungry again.

First of all we need to create urgency at all levels i.e. in terms of political will and turning commitments into action. No doubt, poverty is the major cause of hunger because poor have lack of resources. It is because of unequal income distribution and lack of opportunities in Pakistan due to the numerous factors like law and order as well as conflict and quality education. The second and the foremost problem is the economic and political system in Pakistan which mainly revolves around some peoples those who makes policies for their survival and well being. Conflict is also a big underlying problem for causing hunger problem in Pakistan as according to reports 28 million Pakistani people affected by conflict. Increasing population is also a major cause of poverty and hunger in Pakistan as it is more difficult to provide a decent standard of living for all.

No doubts, facts are horrible, however there is a dire need to change this system and operations of this system to reduce hunger and improve quality of life in the country. We can do this by providing equality in the society which is the major cause of unrest in Pakistan. Secondly, we need to develop awareness among farmers about modern methods of farming. Government also needs to support farmers because due to the government policies small farmers are discouraged and as a result urbanization problem is evolving and Cultivable land is on decrease. Civil society also needs to work together with government and people to create awareness about this serious threat to our security and future generations; especially to change food distribution policy. Not last but least let’s pledge to reduce hunger pain in Pakistan by taking all necessary measures to reduce food insecurity problem in Pakistan which is pivot of many social problems such as crime.

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