How to answer the Toughest Jobs Interview Questions

How to answer the Toughest Jobs Interview Questions

There are some traditional jobs interview questions that almost asked by every employer such as:

  • Define yourself or Talk me through your CV?
  • What best describe you?
  • What you do in your spare time?

However, there are also some interview questions that are challenging in nature and need consideration and preparation. The purpose to ask the toughest questions is whether you are able to fulfill company as well as job requirements.

In this article i will discuss some toughest & technical interview questions and try to give their answers to get basic idea so that readers can prepare it according to the job and company requirements.

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Q: What is your biggest weakness?

This interview question is very tricky and also have a wonderful opportunity to shine if answer properly. It seems as uncomfortable as you are going to tell your weaknesses during job interview. As a result you might be hired and if not answered properly there is also a chance not to get hired. Your weakness may present negative image of you at the front of employer. For example: you say I am lazy.

Therefore, always try to present your weakness as strength. You can answer this job interview question in the flowing ways:

“Well, I am participative, honest, committed, and passionate. I don’t see any weakness in me. May be: very passionate. I am too much passionate and want to achieve my targets and goals very quickly”.

Q: Why you left your Last job?

Why you left your last job or why you are looking for a new one is almost asked by every employer in every job interview. So, answer for this question is easy and also difficult as it depends upon your previous circumstances like if you were doing internship or was on fixed term contract.

However, if you are employed on full time basis and considering a job change, answer need some real thoughts and consideration while answering or you left your last job and looking new one. This type of question asked to check your loyalty with organization, therefore while answering should be based on good & positive reason. For example, you can say:

“Your new role is a good opportunity for growth with new challenges and specially for learning new skills as I learned a lot in my previous job (put here some relevant example like you learn how to achieve sales targets or motivate team members)”.

Q: How to handle when your boss is wrong?

This question is asked to know how you deal with difficult situations and judge your relationship and your views about your boss. This question is very critical and should be answered carefully as well as tactfully. You can answer this question like this:

“You can describe some real situation when your boss was wrong and how you handled the situation in a positive manner and carefully.”

Positive manners without speaking negatively about your boss will increase your worth and will show that you’re turned the negative situation into positive.

 Q: Are you overqualified for this Job?

Sometimes you come across the situation of over qualification; especially when you left job and don’t find better job. As in desperation and need for work, you apply on jobs where your skills & qualification exceeds with present job requirement. When you are overqualified, employer thinks that you will leave after finding good opportunity.

For example, almost a year back in a dire need of job I applied on a job where I was overqualified and less salaried. And I answered this question like that:

“I am not concerned with salary as I will grow within your organization with my skills, attitudes and experience. It will be great opportunity to learn how to cope with change while learning & earning. And I am sincere as I am ready to sign contract for one year.”

Q: Has anything ever irritated you about people you’ve worked with?

This question is asked to check your temperament that how positive you are while working with colleagues and in stress. You can answer this question like that:

“Well, actually I am very cool and calm person and don’t take anything personal. I welcome criticism so that I can develop and polish myself and be competent in my work. So people working with me admire about my working standard and ethics.”

Q: What if you work here for five years and don’t get promoted?

No doubt, working in an organization for such a long time and not being promoted is frustrating and annoying. However, you need to be careful while answering and your answer should be positive. You can say:

“It is not promotion but if leaning new process, skills and continues improvement stops than I’ll leave the organization.”

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