How to Answer tell me about yourself: Job Interview Question

How to Answer tell me about yourself: Job Interview Question

Define yourself or talk me through your CV or tell me about yourself is the job interview question which is almost asked by employers in every job’s interview. This question provides you an opportunity to put a positive image of you in front of the prospective employer. So, don’t waste this wonderful introduction opportunity to introduce yourself on a positive note.

While answering this question try to relate your skills, experience and education with required job requirements. For example I am Business graduate from world prestigious university with having professional experience like training consultancy or whatever your field. Also try to mention your skills & competencies as well as achievements such as team building skills or ability to lead people or diversification management. But this shouldn’t be the long description of your CV. Always try to be concise and relevant.

In fact, the purpose of this question to get wider picture of the candidate and start conversion, so always try to response in an enthusiastic manner to impress employer. It is better to prepare this question in advance so that you can practice to relate your skills or education with job requirements. You can divide this question while answering into bit about you, experience, education and expertise.

Example: How to answer tell me about yourself?

I am XYZ & very pleased to find an opportunity to introduce myself to you or all of you. I am MBA from ABC school with having experience in training, consultancy, business development (You can change it with your experience and education) which strength my planning, organizing, leading and controlling skills.

I am cool, calm and hard working individual. I have the team building skills and have the ability to lead people, diversification management, product development, presentation and communication skills which further strengths by professional experience as a business development manager in XYZ company .

Don’t forget to prepare for follow up questions as employer can ask questions what you are saying like above you told about team building skills. He/She can ask about how you build teams in your previous jobs or product development strategies etc.

So be focused, concise and prepared well before interview to position yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.

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