How to Answer Job Interview Question What Interests You About This Job?

How to Answer Job Interview Question What Interests You About This Job

Before any job interview; Interview Preparation is very necessary to be successful in the interview; especially to match your skills, education & experience with jobs requirements. It is also important to landing a job with potential employer.

Every candidate, college graduate or those who wish to switch their jobs should plan in advance for answering the most asked job interview questions.

To help you to prepare one common and most asked interview question:

  • What interest you about  this job?

there are some best answers to this question.

I have tried to give some best possible answers to this common and most asked job interview question “What interest you about this job or this company?”.

You can customize or make amendments according to the job requirements, your skills level, expertise and education.

Below are some of the best job interview answers to this question:

I am actually interested in this job (as HR manager) because if i retain this position, it would allow me to continue to develop my skills and expertise for future growth in terms of career growth. As you mentioned in job description, qualified candidate would be responsible hiring, Training etc. I was responsible for these functions in my current positions. Therefore, if i get selected it would be a wonderful opportunity for me increase my skills in such a prestigious firm (mentioned here the name of the company).

If the job is for business development, you can say I am interested as i have experience and skills set which make a good sales man. And here in this company it would be a great chance to learn new skills and grow my expertise both good for me and for the company.

To be concluded, you can describe and modified your skills, education and expertise according to job requirements and description. also provide free resource and job interview question preparation opportunities for all, for free advice & preparation please:

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