How to Answer 7 most common job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions

Preparing how to answer the 7 most common job interview questions is the key to getting jobs. Preparing for job interview questions is also very important for two reasons: one is the chance to land a job and other is that you have appropriate job related knowledge. It also shows your skills and competencies.

Every market is full of potential candidates, preparing for answering job interviews question is very essential for success. So, every candidate, college graduate or those who wish to switch their jobs should plan in advance for answering the most common job interview questions. They should also be aware of company information and job requirements.

Followings are the 7 most common job interviews questions with answers. You can review them and change according to your skills, education and job requirements.

7 Most Common job Interview Questions

1-Define yourself?


Talk me through your CV?


Please tell me about yourself?

This is probably the first one and the most common job interview question which is almost asked by all employers. The appropriate answer for this question will present positive image of you at the front of employer. This question is a brief description of you and shows your strong communication skills if answer properly.

You can answer this question in different parts. For example, at first you can say that:

“I am very pleased and thankful to find an opportunity to introducing myself at front of you or all of you”.

After this you can demonstrate on your education such telling your graduate school name and degree title. Don’t forget to mention in one or two line about benefit you got from degree such as this degree strength my organizing skills or time management skills.

In next stage you can tell about your professional experience, past achievements at work, skills. Always try to include everything which proves you are an able candidate. Please kept in mind; do not stop talking till than employer stops you and try to relate in sequence.

2-What one word best describe you?

This common job interview question is a bit tricky, so try to answer in a logical manner and as per job requirements. If job is required tough schedule, complex tasks and more commitment, you may say:

 “I am committed”.

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3-What five words best describe you?

In response to this answering this job interview question you may choose some professional words to cover all aspects of your personality, skills and experience. You can say I am: “Committed, Polite, Cool, Assertive, Hard worker, motivated; Positive; Active, and Attentive”.

If employer asks this question from different angle like:

 If I were to ask your boss or co-worker, how would they describe you? 

While answering this question you can say:

“ I have following strengths and my boss or co-worker will describe me as: Committed, Polite, Cool and Calm, Assertive, Hard worker, Motivated; Positive; Active and Attentive as I took attention to the detail; Honest; Trustworthy; Team Player; Cooperative, Responsible and Punctual”.

4-What makes you angry or mad?

This is also a common job interview question. This question is asked to check your temperament and whether you are able to handle stress and pressure at work place.  What will be your response at different job situation? How you will handle work load or conflict among employees?

So, be tricky while answering this common job interview question. You may response like that:

“Though I  am a  cool  person and nothing really makes me mad or angry, yet  certain things or behavior hurts my feelings like cheating, lying. Because, I do not think that to become angry is the solution of any problem or dispute. I believe in positive approach and open discussion. In fact, I try to know or investigate the root cause why it happened, especially to avoid in the future”.

5-What is your greatest strength?

This common job interview question is often asked to know your strength. This is asked to analyze that how you would be proved beneficial for company. For this type of interview questions, you can say that:

“My greatest strength is my participative and cooperative nature which makes me good team player. This strength make me positive, committed, a better decision maker, a good listener, a better communicator and a quick learner. This strength also helps me to acquire new knowledge and skills through open communication, consultation and participation with co-workers. My participative nature inspires my team or others to perform their best to achieve our collective or company goals”.

6-What is your greatest weakness?

This job interview question is also very tricky in its nature. It shows weakness if no answered properly. Your weakness may present negative image of you at the front of employer. For example: you say I am lazy.

Therefore, always try to present your weakness as strength. You can answer this job interview question in the flowing ways:

“Well, I am participative, honest, committed, and passionate. I don’t see any weakness in me. May be: very passionate. I am too much passionate and want to achieve my targets and goals very quickly”.

7-How many hours a week, do you normally work?

The last and 7 most common job interview question is how many hours a week, do you normally work? This question is often asked to check your commitment with work and company. This question shows that how much you are committed with work and company.

So, always response in a positive manner while answering this 7 most job interview question like:

“I am very flexible person can amend or modify my schedule according to the business requirements”.

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