Guide for Pakistanis to study in New Zealand

Guide for Pakistanis to study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand:

New Zealand has become a top studying choice for international students due to the quality education and best living standard. It’s well-reputed universities and diverse education system gives you an opportunity to study a wide variety of programs. Education Providers offer all types of qualifications almost at all levels like diplomas, certificates, English language courses. They also offer graduate and post-graduate study options almost in all subjects.

Students are treated very nicely in New Zealand. They receive special attention and enjoy quality learning environment. Overall, it’s an exciting country with full of change. You always see and learn new things. The changing things, diverse culture, steady economy, quality education and part-time working option during study make New Zealand a top choice for international students.

Top Universities in New Zealand

  1. Auckland University of Technology
  2. Lincoln University
  3. Massey University
  4. University of Auckland
  5. University of Canterbury
  6. University of Otago
  7. University of Waikato

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Study Options:

Levels Of Study Areas Of Study Subjects
Bachelor Degree
English Language
Doctoral Degree
Master Degree
Post Graduate
veterinary medicine
Applied Sciences
Pure Sciences
Architecture, building
Business Administration
Creative Arts & Design
Education & Training
Computer Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
English Language
Personal Care & fitness
Travel & Hospitality
Social Studies
Health & Medicine
Agriculture – Farm Management
Horticulture – Plant & Crop Science
Veterinary Medicine – Astronomy
Biology – Biomedical Sciences
Chemistry – Earth Sciences
Food Science – Technology
Environmental Sciences
General Sciences – Life Sciences
Mathematics – Geography -Physics
Sport Science – Architecture Construction – Management sciences
Surveying – Business studies
Entrepreneurship – Accounting – finance
Computer sciences -Transportation
Multimedia – Software – Art & Design
Music & Drama – Adult Education
Pedagogy – Education -Engineering
Journalism – Hospitality – Nursing
Midwifery – Aviation – English language
many other Courses

 Study Intakes

February and July are normally two intakes for study in New Zealand. However, you must check your desired educational provider’s website for study intakes and application dead line to secure your place.

How to Apply       

There are different ways to secure admission for Study in New Zealand such as:

Agent: You can get admission through an agent in your country such as ISAS Consultants and New Zeeland link are officially providing best services for Pakistani’s students to study abroad in New Zealand.

Scholarships: Scholarship is also a best way to complete world class education in New Zealand without worrying about living cost and how to find work. There are various types of scholarships available for international students for all study levels. These scholarships are offered by New Zealand Government, Other Governments (such as Pakistani Government) and educational institutes.

Things to consider while applying for scholarship:

  • Apply only if you fill all the criteria as most scholarships have non-negotiate requirements.
  • Apply for more than one scholarship if available for higher acceptance chance.
  • Plan ahead and apply early.
  • Provide all necessary information in your application such as study plans, academic performance and financial circumstances.
  • Always attached certified and endorsed copies of academic and other relevant certificates with application.
  • Your application shouldn’t have grammar and spelling error. So proofread it before sending.

Applying for Student Visa

If you are planning to  Study in New Zealand for more than 12 weeks in New Zealand you need a student visa. You can apply for a visa online but don’t forget to send following documents.

  • Offer letter from educational provider.
  • Receipt of required fee payment.
  • Proof of fund to cover your educational and living expenses.
  • Proof of return air ticket to your home country or available fund.
  • Accommodation letter.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS, TOFEL Test Score).

Other Important Information:

Cost of Study in New Zealand

Before applying for student visa or securing admission in New Zealand, you must consider managing all expanses in terms of tuition fee, visa application fee, living cost and other relevant expenses. There is a list of some essential expenses:

Tuition fee for Study in New Zealand& other study related expenses like library fee. It depends upon education provider. Please check before applying.

Visa Fee (NZ $ 270 online and NZ $305 via approved education provider).

English Language course fee (IELTS fee PKR 24,360 –TOEFL fee $180).

Other expenses such as insurance, ticket for journey.

Cost of Living: It is difficult to determine actual cost of living in New Zealand because it varies from city to city as well as personal circumstances. If you wish to enjoy luxury residence and riding on expensive cars, no doubt cost must be higher. Anyhow, it’s an affordable place for international students while enjoy quality of life and best education in the world. You can spend your month in NZ NZ$700 to $1000 per month.

Working Options while you Study

You can also work on student visa in New Zealand to get relevant experience. Working options are:

  • Up to 20 hours a week during term-time
  • Full-time during holidays

PHD students can work full-time while enjoying same legal rights and entitlements like New Zealand citizens.

How to find a Job while  Study in New Zealand

Job market is growing strongly in New Zealand and there are various part time work options available for international students. During you stay here in New Zealand as a student you can find work as a  data entry operator, waiter, store assistant and many other options. The wages are good in New Zealand; minimum wage is $11.40 an hour before tax.

Working Options after Study

International students have work restrictions during study period and they are only allowed to work part time. Therefore, if International students wish to stay for work after completing education, they have following option:

Post Study Work Visa (Open)

This visa allows you to find a job relevant to your qualification after completing your education. It’s validity is 12 months. On this visa you can work with any employer.

Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)

After you have found a job on open post study work visa, you can apply employer assisted work visa for further 2 years. You can also apply this visa more than once if you meet the requirements.

Requirements for this visa:

  • Job must be relevant to your qualification
  • You must previously held a open post study work visa
  • Full time job offer according to your qualification

Permanent Stay

After Post study work visa (Employer Assisted); you may able for a resident visa under skilled migrant category. Permanent resident visa based on points such as age, experience, qualification and job offer.

Final Words

New Zealand is a best place for work and Study Abroad. People are very friendly. It is bit expensive but not as Australia and other top study options. It is an amazing and beautiful place with good numbers of foreigners. So if you wish to study abroad at such a cool, beautiful and amazing place with world class universities, New Zealand may  your top choice. 

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