Google Releases Android Pie But Available For Google and Essential Smartphones

Google Releases Android Pie

Google Releases Android Pie for its Android operating system known as Android 9 Pie. However, not all but few features announced by Google earlier are include in the update. Now this update is available for download for Google and Essential Smartphones.

New version of Android Pie is the latest update to last years Android Oreo and 9th major release of its Android operating system.

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Android Pie Main Features

Android pie is out with some amazing features such as:

Adaptive Battery: this feature uses Al and helps to cut battery resources towards those apps that uses less.

Adaptive Brightness: this new feature help you to adjust your brightness in different lightening situations automatically.

App Actions: this feature predict app actions based on user’s previous experience, For example if you are out and ready for commute, App Actions will suggest navigation with google maps.

No doubt, Android Pie is a whole new way to use smartphone, however many promised features are not include in it like “Digital Wellbeing” as well as App Timer which lets users to set a time limit on specific app.