Google Launches Bug Bounty Program: Get Money for finding Bug in Android Devices

Google Launches Bug Bounty Program

Google has started a security reward program for those researchers who can disclose, fix vulnerabilities and bugs in Android devices, particularly Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet.

It is an extension of the Bug bounty program launched by Google in 2010 for researchers who found flaws, bugs and vulnerability in Chrome and other Google’s products. Since its launch in 2010, company has paid out more than $4 Million (Rs.401,940,000) to over 200 security researchers, alone $1.5 million (Rs.150,728,000) in 2014.

In this new Android Security reward Program, Google has promised to pay up to $30,000 (Rs.3,014,550) for security researchers finding vulnerabilities in Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. There is different reward money for reporting different bugs and vulnerability like $500 (Rs.50,242) for minor bug identification and up to $8,000 (Rs.803,880) for critical bug. However, big rewards up to $ 30,000 (Rs.3,014,550) will be offered to those researchers who find bug that can harm TrustZone.

It is a beneficial initiative both for Google and security researchers who wish to earn money by doing research as well as to make Android operating system more secure, especially to secure user data.

However, Google will award money to those who first identify and report the bug. Bug or flaws disclosed publicly or to a third party before Google; will not be honored with any reward. Further, reporting for bugs that crash an app will not be considered for reward, said Google.

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