Facebook admits that spending too much time on Facebook bad for you

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There is lot of buzz over the internet about negative effects social media can have on us. However, this concern is now showing from Facebook too as they accepted it in a post Friday.

It is very surprising from the company that remains always in search of new ways to stick users with it.

Facebook while citing academic research also exposed that people who spend more time passively consume their time on news feed without attracting with others – feeling bad feelings afterward.

On the other hand, research from different researchers shows that actively interacting with people – sharing messages, post and comments bring us joy and improvements in social support and as result reduction in depression and loneliness. To support this research and stance, others researchers found similar positive benefits between well being and active engagement on Facebook.

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To address this concern, Facebook is working continuously to make it more about social interaction rather than about spending time. As Mark Zuckerberg recently said:

“We want the time people spend on Facebook to encourage meaningful social interactions.”

What you can do to avoid mental problems:

Snooze: Quiet some users with “Snooze” Option which allow people to hide a person, group or page for 30 days.

Take a Break: This option allow users more control when see their ex on Facebook which can make emotional recovery more difficult as millions of people break up on Facebook each week, changing their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

Above all, the best way to avoid stress, mental & emotional problems; simply log off for sometime and take a short social media break.

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