Digital Youth Summit 2015 starts in Peshawar

Digital Youth Summit Peshawar

The Digital Youth Summit has started in the city of Peshawar, organized by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology board in association with World Bank and others for three days from 7 to 9th of May.

The purpose of this startup expo which first organized in Pakistan in 2014 is to inspire and bring together the next generation of digital innovators while focusing on entrepreneurship, technology and social innovation.

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This is a very good news and exceptional opportunity for the youth of KPK for learning and networking as they are being facilitated towards online social opportunities of having huge impact on economy and society as well.

This three days event will provide an exceptional opportunity for students, founders and business persons to meet each others, especially to meet inspiring innovators and entrepreneur.

During this period, workshops about coding, freelancing and social media as a marketing tool will also be conducted.

It is expected, this expo will play a positive role to promote digital, innovative and entrepreneurial culture in Peshawar, especially to inspire youth to change their perceptions regarding social entrepreneurship as there are many ways to influence, contribute positively towards society and for earnings than only performing traditional jobs.

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