Guide for Pakistanis to get job in Dubai

Guide for Pakistanis to get job in Dubai

Dubai / UAE is a popular job destination for Pakistani’s fresh graduates and professionals for better earnings potential and career growth. Getting  job in Dubai is not an easy, so prepare in advance to cope with all types of situations you may face during job search. In this beginner guide for Pakistani’s graduates and professional, I have tried to share every possible information and ways to land a dream job in Dubai / UAE. Here is a step by step guide for Pakistanis to get job in Dubai.

Guide for Pakistanis to get job in Dubai / UAE

Things to do before departure

Prepare in advance: it’s good to prepare in advance, before landing in Dubai. You must start your job search while you are in Pakistan; almost 30 days before your departure. In this way, you will start receiving interview calls at the moment of landing there or even when you are in Pakistan. So start applying online to target companies as well as on recruitment websites. Make your profile and upload your latest CV on following websites and start applying on jobs matching your qualification and experience.


You can also check local newspapers websites for latest jobs.

Apply for Visit Visa: when you are going to search job in Dubai, apply visit visa valid for 90 days. Because more time you have, there is more chance to secure a job.

Prepare documents: take with you copies of your educational documents, experience certificates and updated CV. Attest your educational documents in advance from UAE embassy in Pakistan as this is the requirement and employer may ask for genuineness of the documents.

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Book your accommodation: it’s good to find your accommodation or bed space in advance with the help of friends those who are in Dubai; because private accommodation is very costly and it will increase your job search cost.

Things to do in Dubai / UAE

Buy phone number: at arrival in Dubai, the first thing to do is buying phone number to mention on CV. While you are in Pakistan and start applying online, you may put your friend phone number if any for interview calls. Always mention on CV that you are on visit visa.
Keep on applying: while you are in Dubai keep on applying online and by visiting employer. You can also seek help from recruitment agencies for job findings. But be careful as many fake recruiters advertise online and in newspapers. They charge money for their no services and disappear.

Interview Tips for getting job in Dubai

You will start receiving interview call even at your arrival because you started applying from Pakistan. So keep in mind these tips to show your professionalism and interest in securing job to potential employer.

  • Be punctual and reach at interview place almost 30 minutes before. This attitude shows professionalism and interest for work.
  • Check and keep with you all educational and experience documents.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Show confidence and make eye contact with interviewer.
  • Don’t present fake educational or experience certificates; it may cost you.

It is often asked by employer; if you find a better job, you would like to stay with us or not. This is very tricky question as it is asked to check your loyalty with company. So please don’t say word leave. One of my friend who was there for getting job and fortunately he get job within first three days of his arrival in UAE. The job was good with handsome salary. He started training for work and during training HR manager asked him; if you find better job than this; you would like to grow with us or leave us. He replied without reasonable thoughts, I would like to leave. As a result company informed him that they don’t require his services and now he is in Pakistan.

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Final Word

Many Pakistani’s graduates and professional visit Dubai / UAE for better job prospects and career growth. Some gets while others remains unsuccessful. So try above mention tips that surely will help you to land your dream job in Dubai.

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