Basic Steps to Building your personal Brand

Basic Steps to Building your personal Brand

Perception is the process of awareness by which individual perceives about something. This positive or negative perception influence on individual behavior and  as a result create loyalty or disloyalty.  If the perception about something is positive, it creates long term loyalty. This loyalty might be with product, service or with people. In today’s competitive environment, especially to stay ahead in the game, creating brand identity has became very necessary both for businesses and individuals.

Therefore, if businesses want to stay ahead in the game, especially for competitive advantage they have to create brand awareness. Same like businesses, if individuals wish to stay ahead in the game building personal brand is as important as building company’s brand.

Benefits of Building your Personal Brand

  • More People trust mean more following
  • Better Future
  • Recognition
  • Stand out from crowd
  • Increase in your visibility and presence

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Here are some useful tips/steps to help you build up an awesome & strong personal brand.

1- Decide your Goal: Goal setting is the first and the foremost factor while building your personal brand. So set your goals because goal setting helps you get clear on what you actually wish to achieve.

2– Identifying your specialty: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” You are more likely to be satisfied in your professional life if your skills, interests and values match with your professional life. Therefore, understanding yourself, identifying your specialty, greatest strength is very important to thrive.

3- Create Identity: After understanding yourself, your core strengths, now it’s time to create your identity and show your talent. You can do do this online and offline by:

  • Making LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Page or by building credibility with your personal blog or business website.
  • And offline you can do this by participating in events, Attending conferences and don’t forget to touch with your classmates and family.

4- Create Trust: Your words have no impact if don’t match with your action. It is very necessary that your words must match with your actions, especially to create trust and to get loyal followers. In fact, your words, actions or what you do, closely watched by people around you, so it is crucial for you while building personal brand to ensure that you are leaving right impression on your target audience to make your personal image more stronger.

5- Be Consistent: You often hear “consistent action leads to consistent results”. So be consistent because creating and building  strong personal brand is a continuous process. If  build successfully it creates competitive advantage and long term value for organizations, customers and individuals.

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