Analytical Skills: Essential Skills for business development Manager

Analytical Skills

Simply having analytical skills is the ability to retrieve relevant information from available information. Analytical skills are used to solve complex and simple business problems. They are used to cope with real life challenges and to make logical decisions skillfully with the help of disciplined process of evaluating information to reach a conclusion.In this article, I will try to highlight some basic skills for sales and marketing professionals and how they can improve these skills for career and business growth.

Analytical Skills List for Sales & Marketing Professionals

  1. Collecting Information: ability to collect right, accurate and useful information.
  2. Compiling information: ability to compile information for future analysis.
  3. Data analysis: ability to analyze data using software and others relevant methods.
  4. Critical Thinking: ability to analyze information in detail & critically.
  5. Deductive reasoning: ability to make deductive reasoning.
  6. Evaluating: ability to evaluate results
  7. Decision Making: ability to make right and useful decisions inferred from data investigation.

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Tips to improve and Acquire Analytical Skills

As I have mentioned above, analytical skills are very important for business development professionals and plays critical role for business success. So acquiring or improving analytical skills help professionals to find new business opportunities, market growth; increase in sales and making decisions in an effective ways. Therefore, to achieve business success you must possess strong analytical skills. . Followings are the ways to improve analytical skills.

1.Ability to collect right information:

Business development Manager has analytical skills if he/she possesses the ability to collect right and desired information from the pool of information. Because collecting wrong information will leads toward wrong solution to the problem. So to improve this skill, business development professional try to collect purposeful information from the pool of information. He/she must be able to understand real problem. For this skills business professional can try to practice and learn data collecting methods such as questionnaires, surveys, check list; how to conduct a successful interview; thinking rationally; observation and case study method.

2.Compiling Information:

Compiling relevant information and in a proper way is very critical for business professional for future use and data analysis. So they should acquire or improve this skill for meaningful information. To acquire this skill they can learn MS excel, MS Word and Power Point to compile data on computer.

3.Data Analysis:

Ability to analyze data accurately is very critical for better decision making. So business development professionals must be expert in using data analyzing methods. They must be able to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. For this skill, they can learn to use MS excel. Try to be master in basic math i.e. numeracy skills in order to using numerical information effectively. To be able to expert in numerical skills you must have knowledge of numbers, organizing information interpreting and analyzing information; data measurement, especially working with graphical information.

4.Critical or Clear Thinking:

for business development professional’s critical thinking is the most important skill because it helps to retrieve relevant information from lot of information. You must be strategic in your thinking for useful results within present resources, clear vision and ability to develop strategic plan.


Ability to evaluate results accurately to identify opportunities, risks, business potential or other researched area is very necessary for success. So the ability of evaluating results helps you to make well reasoned and informed decisions.

Business development professional can improve these skills by attending workshops and by making practices online and offline or at workplace. In addition a business development manager must have followings skills:

  • Focusing on object skills.
  • Observation skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Listening skills
  • Job relevant technical skills such as computer knowledge or use of relevant software.
  • Ability to correlate objects.
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