Amazon’s new Alexa speaker has a screen too

Amazon tech giant introduced Alexa speaker a latest device powered by its Alexa digital assistant with video shown on seven-inch touch screen too on Tuesday.

The name of new device “Echo Show Steps up efforts by Amazon”. the purpose to unveil this device to create a market for a new type of computing device.

The price of new device is $229 (Rs.23709) and shipping will be started from June 28, according to Amazon’s website.

“With this users can watch videos, music lyrics, smart home camera, photos, to-do, shopping list, weather forecasts and much more,” said a blog post from Amazon developer and chief evangelist for Echo devices David Isbitski.

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Users with this device will also be able to call or message others who have  the same device or application.

This latest hardware comes after Kindle and Fire tablets which were not much successful and this type of devices too have been launched in the past.

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