5 Tips for Startup Success: How to grow your Startup

5 Tips for Startup Success: How to grow your Startup

Every day aspiring entrepreneurs continue to found startups regardless of the fact that almost 88% or 4 out of 5 fails according to the statistics. In fact, for startup success you have to face many challenges like selection of good team, prefect idea and money because launching a startup and flourishing it are two different challenges.

So, the failure rate raises the question of why some startups enjoy success and others miserably fail. Here I will talk about 5 tips to help entrepreneurs so that they can avoid common startup failures; especially defy the odd that most startups fail:

Following is the list of 5 Tips for startup success: How to grow your Business that will surely help you excel:

1-Lack of Market or Customer oriented product or idea

The market oriented idea is the main contributor for startup success. But remember, how prefect or innovative is your idea or product; if it’s not going to fulfill the market demands as well as customer’s requirements, there is no chance for success. Startups fail because the idea or product doesn’t fulfill the customers’ needs and wants.

Founders believe that their product or idea is great without doing any research as they are unable to understand customers’ requirements while emphasis on that their product is great. They often fail to create positive image of their product. So, it is very critical for startup success to do market research where you are going to launch your product or offering services; especially to align your idea with customers needs and wants i.e. whether your product or idea is going to fulfill their needs or not.


Money is very important factor to consider while launching or flourishing a startup or even to run for daily pursuits of life smoothly. Money is the main contributor for startup success because business often fails due to the lack of cash and as a result, entrepreneurs fail to run business operation smoothly.

For startup success you seriously need money, so, save money for future use and avoid to put all your savings while launching new business; otherwise failure is imminent.

3-Think Ahead (Change with the pace of Change)

Always think about future and keep strong eyes on competitive forces while your focus must be on innovation as well as product or idea development if you want to stay in he game of business where competition is so fierce.

In today’s competitive business environment customer’s preferences are changing every moment due to the massive availability of product and services. So to stay in the game you have to offer not only something unique but also a differentiating promise based on added value that a business offers to its customers.

4-Invest in right People

Regardless of that how strong is your idea or product; you can’t alone mount the ladder of success. So always choose and invest in right people to move the company forward. Building a good team that can execute daily operations and is able to plan for future will prove an asset for growth and competitive advantage over competitors.


Launching and running a successful business is not an easy task. Therefore, you need perseverance to achieve your goals. Perseverance is the key quality and a great tool to use for success. You will face many challenges and hardships during the course of startup success.

The ability to move ahead with consistent action in any circumstances will lead you towards success. If you are committed with your goals, no force can stop you to achieve your desired goals and results.Please also consider these 5 tips for startup success.

Not last but least, always keep on keeping on should be your motto and slogan.

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