5 Tips for finding a job in Pakistan

5 Tips for finding a job in Pakistan

If you are graduate and finding jobs, these 5 tips for finding jobs in Pakistan will help you to get new job or changing career.

Pakistan has abundant of natural resources and talented people. However, finding new job in Pakistan or changing career is very difficult. There are numbers of factors like poor law & order situation, electricity problem, lack of foreign investment and especially less Government efforts to launch new projects to accommodate work-less people. No doubt,  Pakistani economy has potential to accelerate and ability to create new jobs.

In addition, educated youth also don’t know these 5 tips  for finding a job in Pakistan. They don’t know the proper ways which could be beneficial for job finding.

In fact, finding  job itself is the hardest job. It needs planning, hard work and required motivation. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics:

“unemployment rate in the country is 6 percent”.

So, if you are among 6 percent and actively looking for work in Pakistan, you have to use some tactics to change your circumstances, especially to increase your chances of getting a job.

Here are 5 tips for finding a job in Pakistan  that will help you to secure your dream job:

5 Tips for finding a job in Pakistan


Newspapers are still an effective method for job finding in Pakistan. On newspaper  many private and government jobs are listing  everyday.

Local newspapers like Jang, Express; Dawn and Nawaiwaqt are the main source for new job adverts in Pakistan. Both government and private companies’ jobs are advert there. Particularly, on weekend, you can find jobs relevant with your qualification, experience and skills.


Networking is also very important while you are in job searching phase. It is an effective method because most of the job vacancies in Pakistan are filled internally; especially in private companies job vacancies are often not advertised and filled by references. So don’t hesitate to ask in your existing network such as friends, family and college friends to help for finding job. Networking can be done both online and offline.

If you are looking for work, always consider both online and offline networks. Offline network is:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Class mates

While online networks are:


Internet is also a good tool to use for finding jobs locally and internationally. There is a lot of online websites available in Pakistan as well as abroad which have hundred of jobs listings. You can easily apply there by finding jobs based on your qualification and experience.

You can also check companies and recruiters job board because most of the companies  post jobs on their internal job boards or websites.  So regularly check career pages of your favorite companies.

Mbamess.com is also a good website while searching jobs in Pakistan. This website also provides online career counseling and study advice for job seekers and students.


Freelancing is a popular choice for professional, educated people, unemployed and students. It gives more control over your work and time. It also enhances your professionalism, experience and skills; especially when you deal with different projects.

For freelancers there are numerous online platforms that can be considered to find work like:

Freelancing also provides you unlimited opportunities for growth and earnings; if you are good at your job.

5-Go Out of Pakistan (Go Abroad)

If you are not lucky enough to find your dream job in Pakistan, you should go abroad for better job opportunities and growth.

In this regard, Middle Eastern countries are the better option for Pakistani’s graduates and professionals. You can apply online on specific companies’ websites or through recruitment agencies in Pakistan. You can also try by visiting your favorite country as most of the people have found job by using this method.

Some other Tips (methods) you should also try to find job like:

  • Internships
  • Temporary work
  • Volunteer work

Things to remember for job searching:

  • Always tailor your CV according to the job requirements.
  • Always send cover letter with CV and job application.
  • Always polish your online profile like Facebook and LinkedIn etc.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Target your application.
  • Present well yourself in interview.
  • Make or be prepared for competition
  • Keep focus on effective job search.
  • Keep on applying for job until you find.
  • Only apply on jobs matching with your qualification & skills.
  • Keep grow your networks.
  • Develop a better job search strategy.
  • Polish your online profile.

Final Words

Looking for work or finding a job is also a difficult and tactical job. You need an advance and well planned strategy to pursue the pursuit of your dream job. Before looking for a job in Pakistan or abroad, always develop a better job search strategy because taking the right approach is the key to find job in Pakistan and abroad.

Therefore, always plan while job searching and applying for job. Indeed, Above mention 5 tips for finding a job in Pakistan will also help you if applied properly.

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