5 Lessons I learned While Looking For a Job

5 Lessons I learned While Looking For a Job

After moving back from UK, I seriously started searching job to establish my career in Pakistan. So I decided to move Karachi from Punjab as Karachi is considered the biggest market in terms of career growth and job’s opportunity wise. I spend almost 2 months over there and wish to share my experiences. What I learned while looking for a job?

These are the 5 Lessons I learned While Looking For a Job in Pakistan.

1. Patience & Persistence

The first lesson I learned is the importance of patience. How patience and persistence are important for achieving success. During my job search I tried every method like networking,submitting online application and possible offline methods but the result was not in my favor regardless of such devoted efforts. As A result, sometimes I become frustrated due to the lack of proper response. However, I taught myself again and again that good things come to those who wait. After realizing the importance of patience I am cool and confidant for future success regardless of the fact that I am still looking for a job. So, Patience is the key to success and you should never lose hope because for ultimate success patience is very critical. It is patience and persistence which help you to avoid feelings of disappointment, rejection and defeat.

2. Don’t Give UP

As i mentioned that often I was the victim of frustration for not achieving success but my philosophy for moving on and don’t give up what I have learned throughout my life. Because “I was taught to fight, taught to win”. And this simple and prolific word always motivates me. So don’t give up in any circumstances and you will be the ultimate winner in your life journey.

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3. Keep Eye on Your Target

It is often happened when we are in dire state of need, we don’t keep eye on our targets. Therefore, apply only on relevant job matching your skills, experience and qualification. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get desire success for the long run.

4. Visiting Employer Directly

It is the best to visit employer directly, because applying online don’t always shows required response due to the lot of applications. It is also a networking opportunity and can be beneficial for getting a job in future.

5. Use Opportunity

I never thought about to go there from Punjab due to the law and order situation.However, it was a good opportunity for me to explore and to understand the value and culture of people living in Karachi and Inner Sindh. In my spare time, I almost visited each and every place, even you can say, every street. I also visited many cities of Sindh. It was such an amazing and valuable experience; quite opposite the notion that Sindhi are not friendly with Punjabi people. I found them friendly, helping and caring.

I was not successful to find any job in Karachi, however I am not disappointed and even not consider myself loser because I believe in the philosophy of hope for the best. I believe success and failure are the part of life and not permanent. You face both in your life journey. So always be positive and never stop working to achieve your goals and targets. If you have passion to achieve something, passion to make difference; sooner or later you will get it.

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