5 Cost-Effective Ways to increase brand awareness

5 Cost-Effective Ways to increase brand awareness

Businesses often face the challenge of creating brand awareness within their target markets. They use variety of marketing strategies and options, good or bad to ensure that their product is getting attention. Here I’ll describe 5 cost-effective Ways to increase brand awareness for your product:

1-Associate brand with something positive

Associating brand with something positive cost nothing but it helps to gain goodwill. For example, a food and beverage company; seller of fruit drinks can associate their brand with health, season or with some occasions. This association will create brand personality, what kind of personality would it be: fresh, healthy, cheep or premium etc.

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2- Social Media engagement

Social media channels like FB, LinkedIn and Twitter are very cost effective to create brand awareness for your product or service. Thus you can exponentially increase the visibility of your brand by delivering your message to a larger audience. So don’t forget to use social media tactfully for strong media presence, interacting with the customers and creating brand association with the potential customers. As I mentioned earlier the value of brand association with some positive cause, on social media channels you can run this cause marketing campaign effectively as well as at low cost.

3- Display your Product prominently

Displaying your product prominently in stores is the most important way to create brand awareness. Because if your product displayed well, people will see it, remember it and more likely to buy it. In addition, well displayed new products often lure people for notice and to try. And as a result if they buy it and find it useful, they would like to buy it again.

4- Vehicle wraps

If you are new entrant or a small business owner, than every small or big effort counts. You have to think like savvy marketers those who are always to outperform. So, you must use one proven but often not used “vehicle wraps marketing and brand building strategy”. In this way, where you go; your message will be conveyed.  And as a result you will be able to produce maximum impression by viewers. The more people view you message there is likelihood to purchase your product or hire your service.

5- Be Consistent in your efforts

The last tip for creating brand identity is to be consistent with your goal. Because consistency will help you to achieve your target regardless of the fact how long it will take. One day you will find success.

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